CASPA for PA Programs

The Centralized Application Service for Physician Assistants (CASPA) is a user-friendly, secure, Internet-based application platform — sponsored and administered exclusively by PAEA — that enables prospective PA students to apply to multiple PA programs with one application.

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Annual CASPA Timeline

The CASPA cycle opens on the last Thursday in April and concludes on April 1 of the following year.

Each fall, PAEA distributes the CASPA Onboarding and Renewal Survey to current CASPA users and programs who have expressed interest in using CASPA.

*PAEA typically onboards programs who are interested in using CASPA in the fall. However, we will assist you with the onboarding process during the spring and summer (May-August) if needed.

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CASPA Fee Assistance Program

A core belief at PAEA is that an applicant’s finances should not be a barrier to applying to a PA program. Each cycle, PAEA provides a limited number of fee waivers to qualified applicants.

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Liaison’s WebAdMIT™ is a robust admissions portal that helps you work more strategically to recruit, evaluate, admit and enroll best-fit students at each PA program.

Applicant information from CASPA is made available to PA programs via the WebAdMIT admissions portal, which is accessible to CASPA-participating PA programs. WebAdMIT users can analyze and report on applicant data more effectively, seamlessly communicate with applicants, and collaborate more efficiently with evaluators to build the best class possible.

It is important to note, PAEA does not regulate any PA program’s admissions requirements nor determine an applicant’s eligibility to apply to any PA program.

Analytics by Liaison

Analytics by Liaison provides data-driven insights to help you spot trends and shape your class. It gives your school a secure and robust way to explore multi-year applicant and application data using visual representations and dashboards, making it a complete solution for admission offices looking to optimize their efforts for growing or shaping their classes. Click here for more information about this Visual Dashboard.

Benefits to PA Programs

  • Provides a rich database of applicant and matriculant data via the WebAdMIT admissions portal
  • Allows access to end-of-year reports with individual program applicant and matriculant data
  • Reduces clerical work for participating programs, which enhances productivity and efficiency
  • Provides real-time online access to applicant profiles and data via WebAdMIT
  • Encourages a national and more diverse applicant pool, as well as a more complete applicant and matriculant data set

Benefits to Applicants

  • Provides a state-of-the-art application platform with an intuitive design and user experience
  • Represents 95 percent of currently accredited PA programs
  • Provides an efficient process to apply to multiple PA programs, eliminating the need for duplicate application data and documents
  • Supplies applicants with a comprehensive help center to ease navigation of the application
  • Allows access to the application from any device

Eligibility & Fees

PAEA Voting Member programs can begin using the CASPA at any time as part of their membership. Institutional Colleagues can begin using the CASPA if they are expected to receive their provisional accreditation within one year and plan to admit the first class the following year, and are required to pay a $5,500 onboarding fee.

For more information on membership types, please see our membership page.

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