Research Data, Funding, and Support

The advancement of the profession, as well as PA program evaluation and quality improvement, are founded on quality research and data. PAEA invites members to apply for research grant funding and other opportunities targeted at supporting the capacity of PA education and workforce researchers. In addition, PAEA offers multiple opportunities for PA educators, health workforce researchers, federal agencies, and others to access our data, which represent the most robust repository of PA education data on a national scale. 

Research Funding and Support

Conducting high-quality scholarly work is integral to the advancement of PA education and the PA field as a whole. PAEA offers several fellowship, scholarship, and grant programs to support member faculty in their efforts to produce high-quality research. 

AAPA-PAEA Research Fellowship

Developing the next generation of PA research leaders

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Don Pedersen Research Grants

Fostering the development of early-career PA researchers

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Faculty-Generated Research Grant

Funding innovative PA education and workforce research

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Career Advancement Scholarship

(Formerly the Scientific Meeting Scholarship) Increasing the visibility of PA research at scientific and policy meetings

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Support to Advance Research (STAR)

Offering opportunities for PA faculty to add items to the PAEA Program Survey

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Data and Report Requests

PAEA collects a wealth of data from PA programs, educators, and students, which are published in our By the Numbers series of reports. These data are also available in multiple formats to support ARC self-study, evaluation, benchmarking, research, and scholarly work. 

Data on Demand

Both members and non-members may request raw data and custom reports from our robust surveys and other institutional data.

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Personalized Student Insights

Members may apply to retrieve data and reports from their own students’  survey responses.

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