Leadership Development

Whether you are a seasoned PA faculty member or new to PA education, PAEA offers several opportunities to deepen your understanding of what it means to be a leader and equip you with skills to take home and implement immediately. 

Workshops & Webinars

We all strive to be more effective leaders — but how does one actually learn the concrete skills needed to achieve that goal? Based on The Leadership Challenge® model and the award-winning book by the same name, PAEA’s Leadership Lab was created to explore innovation in leadership at both the personal and institutional level.

PAEA also offers CME-eligible role-based and topic-based workshops throughout the year that focus on the enhancement of leadership, innovation, and excellence in PA education for PA faculty and staff. And increasingly, we are developing virtual programming including webinars, town hall discussions, and Program Showcases to meet our members’ needs.  

PA educators can get involved by leading and participating in these learning opportunities. Information about these opportunities will be distributed via the Networker newsletter and linked on the events page. Dates for upcoming events are available here. 

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Research Opportunities

PAEA offers a fellowship and several grants annually to fund new and seasoned faculty researchers who seek to increase the body of scholarly work related to PAs and PA education and present their work at scientific conferences. These opportunities aim to strengthen the research capacity of the PA education community. 

Be a Leader

PAEA also offers volunteer leadership opportunities for our members as a chance to get involved at a national level and put their leadership skills to work. Whether you’d like to serve on a council or committee, lead a workshop, or get involved in another way, we would love to hear your ideas and have you participate.  

In addition to internal opportunities, PAEA routinely nominates members for leadership roles in AAPA, ARC-PA, and NCCPA, as well as federal positions like the National Advisory Council on the National Health Service Corps and the National Advisory Council for Healthcare Research and Quality.  

If you have questions about volunteer opportunities, please reach out to us at volunteers@PAEAonline.org.